Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard® Card Review

Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard Review!

Bank Freedom - Prepaid MasterCard - Prepaid Card
Bank Freedom - Prepaid MasterCard - Prepaid Card

Overall Rating

Features Rating

  • Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard
  • $0 MONTHLY FEE with Direct Deposit!
  • 100% Guaranteed Approval* - No Credit Check
  • FREE Unlimited Purchase Transactions
  • FREE Customer Service- Compare and Save Money
  • FREE Direct Deposit - No more check cashing fees
  • FREE Card Account Alerts - email and/or SMS text messages
  • NO Late Fees, NO Interest Fees, NO NSF Fees
  • Pay any bill from card account: rent, phone, utilities, etc
Activation Fee Annual Fee Monthly Fee Late Fee Interest Fee Credit Needed
$0 $0 $0 with direct deposit* None None Bad Credit OK*

A Prepaid Card like the Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard is designed to offer those with no credit, bad credit, or difficulty in obtaining an unsecured credit card with alternative banking solutions. What most people don’t realize prepaid cards can actually be cheaper and a better way to manage your money than credit cards. With a prepaid card you will never accumulate credit card debt. There are no late fees, no over limit fees, and no interest charges ever because it is your money.

You must add funds to a prepaid card before you can use it. The funds are then used to offset future purchases made with the prepaid card. Prepaid cards make it easy for people who do not have a credit card to make purchases online, at the store, through catalogs, rent cars, purchase airplane tickets, pay bills and more.

There are a handful of prepaid cards available to the consumer today. We believe the Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard® is the best prepaid card you can get and has the lowest fees in the industry. Everyone is 100% guaranteed approved* and unlike other prepaid cards there is no activation fee or annual fee!

The Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard card can be loaded three convenient ways; adding cash using a MoneyPak® at an authorized retail location, prepaid card to prepaid card money sharing (within the Bank Freedom program), or through free direct deposit. In addition, if you deposit $500 or more each month to the prepaid card, Bank Freedom will waive the $4.95 monthly service fee.

Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard Cardholders can take advantage of additional services and benefits, including unlimited online bill pay, sending paper checks from card account, free email and wireless SMS text alerts for card account information, free direct deposit, free email and phone customer support, and backed by MasterCard® Zero liability policy for unauthorized transactions**.

In conclusion, those who are looking for a prepaid card with low fees and free customer service will find the Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard the best prepaid card available. Check it out for yourself!

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Note: The review of the Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard was believed to be accurate at the time of the review. The review will be updated from time to time, however, information posted may have changed since the last review update. We strongly suggest that you carefully read the Terms and Conditions statement that accompanies the Bank Freedom Card Registration Form.